Saturday, December 09, 2006

62% chance of Spurs win

Tuesday's last gasp winner against Blackburn triggered the biggest celebrations in SE7 since, well I was going to say VE day, but really since the play off victory against Sunderland (the return to the Premiership was dampened by a 0-3 home defeat by Ipswich).

But it's back to reality at White Hart Lane today and, despite Charlton's good recent record there, the Fink Tank run for The Times by Warwick University's Decision Technology Group is giving a 62% chance of a home win, a 15% chance of an away win and a 23% chance of a draw.

On the Iberian blog, cocky Spurs fans are forecasting a 3-0 victory as they head towards another historic double. This puzzled me, but then I remember that Les Reed is treating it as a home game. So the Charlton team will be sitting in the dressing room at The Valley thinking that the recent run of bad form has really hit attendances and the ref will have to award a 3-0 victory to Spurs.

I think a draw is possible, but I am plumping for another 2-1 away defeat as Charlton fail to deal with their problems playing away - which they will have to do if they are to escape relegation.


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