Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Perry to leave West Brom

Former Charlton defender Chris Perry is heading for the exit at the Baggies after a bust up with manager Tony Mowbray. Apparently, the row started when he was dropped in favour of a replacement player, also he had a suspension coming up. Peterborough are reportedly interested in him.

Perry was a popular figure at The Valley, even though there was some criticism of his lack of height? Do we want him back? Probably not. However, some consider that he would be good for short-term cover in case we have an injuries crisis in defence, particularly bearing in mind that Fortune often looks like a Championship player.

Last night's victory was clearly a big morale booster for those who were there. There has been some comment on the early leaver syndrome, always a mistake at Charlton as David Lodge commented in his novel about growing up in S.E.London. It's actually an international phenomenon. I saw a stream of early leavers at a thinly attended match in Chile last month. You even get it at Leamington, although that's understandable given that getting out of the car park into the racetrack that is Harbury Lane is difficult.

Charlton fans needed to beware of the goldfish syndrome. One swallow doesn't make a summer (ok, that's enough metaphors). But if Charlton get one point out of the next two matches, they will be doing well.

The match was a big boost for Lloyd Sam advocates. I remain somewhat sceptical because I have seen many players have a great first match (start) at The Valley and then fade - or even a great first season, e.g., JJ. But sooner or later I have no doubt that we will see a Sam goal for Charlton and if I am there I will join in the applause.


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