Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Valley's man of steel urges FA to charge Jordan

Charlton's man of steel Richard Murray has already shown Iain Dowie the door. Now he is trying to sort out Crystal Palace boss Simon Jordan, suggesting that the FA should charge him for his campaign of vituperation against Charlton and its fans. Murray said Charlton had already written to demand 'firm and decisive action' by the FA.

Murray told the Daily Mirror, 'Over the past six months, Simon Jordan has used every opportunity made available to him by willing TV companies, newspapers and radio stations to level accusations, newspapers and foul-mouthed abuse at Charlton, me, the supporters of other Premiership and Football League chairmen.'

'The nature and viciousness of his latest outburst in the Mirror on November 21 does nothing but damage to the image of the professional game in this country. Indeed if such an outburst had come from a high-profile player then I'm sure a letter and charge from the Football Association would follow swiftly.'

Any cup clash between Charlton and Palace could become a focus for trouble and some of the blame would attach to the inflammatory remarks that Jordan has made.


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