Monday, November 27, 2006

Hoddle to be Third Man?

Today's wild and unsubstantiated rumour is that Glen Hoddle is to be the third man in the Charlton coaching set up. We haven't got this from the spirit world but one from one of the Charlton lists:

'I was chatting to another Charlton supporter at the gym this morning, who told me the following. A bloke who sits near him lives out in a village near to Bishops
Stortford. Apparantly, Les Reed lives in the next village and was seen by this bloke entering a pub accompanied by Mark Robson and Glen Hoddle. Gulp! Could it be that this was the informal start to negotiations to get Glenda in as the 'third coach'?'

Of course, it's already fourth hand information which is how rumours spread. Reed and Hoddle would know one another from the FA and may have just been enjoying a quiet shandy together with Robson brought along to get a few tips.

But supposing it was true? If Hoddle just worked with the players and was kept away from the press conferences, and was clearly not manager in waiting, would it such a bad idea?


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Not sure if the disabled supporters in front of me would be too keen, plus would Hoddle accept a supporting role .. unlikely

1:09 PM  

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