Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fink Tank predicts Charlton win!

The Fink Tank in The Times using data provided by Warwick University's Decision Technology Group is usually full of doom and gloom about Charlton's prospects in a match and, unfortunately, has been rather accurate. However, today the boffins favour a Charlton win a 50% chance of a home win, a 25% chance of a draw and a 25% chance of an away win.

I wish I could be there for the first home outing of Les and Mark's barmy army. However, the bug I caught in South America has really got on top of me, after I struggled down to London yesterday for work reasons. I am trying to raise Paul May on his mobile to write a match report, but he usually likes a few bevvies on Friday night and with such an early kick off can be guaranteed to have something of a hangover.

It's doubly unfortunate as I'm now going to miss Liverpool at home as a mission to Lithuania is turning out to be more protracted and complicated than when I first volunteered for it.


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