Sunday, November 19, 2006

Decapitation is not an option

2,500 years ago the pre-American peopls played a vigorous ball game. In order to encourage a competitive spirit the losing team was decapitated. This information I gained at the Museium of Pre-Colombian Art in Santiago today probably has no applicability at contemporary Charlton.

What is an issue is the point at which the right stratey becomes a minimax one, i.e., we cut our lossses by accepting relegation and concentrate on preparing for he Championship so that we are not in serious debt next season. In my view we are not at that point yet, but it could come by Christmas. However, one should never place too much emphasis on one game. Expecting an instant revival at Reading was always a somewhat forlorn hope.

That does not mean we should sell Darren Bent in the transfer window. I am sure that Darren would like to see the season out and the worst case scenario would be to let him go for an inadequate price.

Meanwhile, I would advise Gary Linneker to stick hs head in a large Walker´s crisp bag and stay there.


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