Thursday, June 15, 2006

New rumours of American interest in Charlton

An old story has obtained new legs with fresh rumours circulating about the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) renewing its interest in Charlton. Apart from its involvement in the Dome, AEG owns more sports teams and events than any other company in the world.

It is particularly strong in soccer [sic], operating the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca., one of the world's leading soccer stadiums. AEG owns four MLS teames (Los Angeles Galaxy, D.C. United, Chicago Fire and Houston Dynamo) and the US rights to the Mexican national football team. It states 'AEG focuses on marquee sports that inspire fans and ultimately drive revenue and capture market share.'

Perhaps most interesting from a Charlton perspective, it owns an interest in Stockholm's Hammarby Football Club. Current rumours focus on a capital injection in Charlton through the issue of new shares, rather than a majority stake, although that would always be a future possibility.

The partnership they have developed with Chelsea might seem to argue against an involvement with Charlton, but they are involved with more than one club in the US, admittedly in different cities. On the Chelsea involvement see here:


We anticipate that more details will appear in the press in the next few days. What we are confident of is that Richard Murray and the board are Charlton through and through, are loyal supporters of the club and would only act in a way that would enhance the club's future prospects whilst retaining its essential character.


Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear....

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Blogger fredrik said...

It seems like AEG has got a renewed interest in European Football. At a members meeting earlier this week it was announced that AEG was interested in building and owning a new Hammarby stadium.

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