Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jordan sounds off again

Having recruited Peter Taylor to be the sixth manager in seven years at Palace, Simon Jordan has been sounding off again.

The charm merchant told The Times:

'I do things properly, don’t go through the back door, and have paid [compensation],' he said. 'I don’t try and nick managers, maybe other people do. If
I agree to pay money, then Charlton should pay money to me for Iain. I am many things, but I am not a fool. [Discuss] Why would I waive compensation for Dowie to then go seven miles down the road to enhance his salary? So I can pay for someone else? The spirit of the agreement of the compensation was very clear. Whatever happens, the reality is that I was lied to.'

'There is nothing personal with Dowie. I want it to be resolved and we both know the truth. Hopefully, that will happen at the most inconvenient time for Charlton. Iain had six months that were very successful and then wasted opportunities to stay in the Premiership and then another to regain our Premiership status. We wasted last season and I don’t want to waste another.' Well. I'm afraid that's what happens at Palace.


Blogger colin from welling said...

"'There is nothing personal with Dowie"

Lying piece of cr4p...EVERYTHING is personal with Jordan - he's everything a businessman shoudn't be

11:49 AM  

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