Friday, June 02, 2006

Luke Young transfer request

Luke Young has handed in a transfer request, probably preparatory to a move to the Boleyn ground by the Charlton captain. It follows the offer of a three year contract extension by Charlton earlier in the day in a bid to keep one of their key players.

Young told Sky Sports News, 'I've grown increasingly frustrated with the way contract negotiations have been conducted by Charlton. I appreciate there has been a change in management but this does not account for the club overlooking contractual obligations to review my contract and allowing three separate deadlines to pass.'

Other rumours suggest that Charlton continue to pursue Reading's Sidwell with an offer of some £21,000 a week, three times what he is on at the Royals.

One solid piece of information, from the Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance, is that Charlton are one of only five Premiership clubs that ended the 2004/5 season with net funds rather than net debt. The others were Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Manchester United and West Brom - two of whom have been relegated.


Blogger BC Addick said...

If it is true and he keeps on going on about contractual deadlines etc etc he is obviously using this as an excuse and wants to go. He knows he is one of the best players in the squad and will get a damn good deal its just an excuse to say he's fed up. Bye Luke, your good but not that good...

2:35 AM  
Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Wyn, I think you and I have heard from different sources that Young will be off this summer.

Lets keep Bent, cash Young in, he has a year left, and buy some new blood.

Actually what % of games played for us was he England quality?

6:19 AM  

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