Thursday, June 01, 2006

It wasn't all about Curbishley - Murray

Chairman Richard Murray has told the Press Association there was always more to Charlton than just Alan Curbishley as the Addicks prepare for a new era under Iain Dowie. While the Addicks boss recognises the contribution Curbishley made to
helping take the club to where they are now, Murray maintains life must go on and insisted: 'Alan did a wonderful job, but if everybody thinks that this club is only where it is today because of Alan Curbishley, then they do not know this club very well I am afraid.'

He added: 'Alan did not do any of the transfers [Richard Murray did], he did not raise any of the money - we have raised tens and tens of millions of pounds. 'If people think Alan built this stadium here, he did not - it is from the pockets of people like me. I just do not shout about it, I do not like doing a column - and I do not particularly want to shout about it now. I have got a huge amount of time, money and emotion tied up in this club.'

While there is unlikely to be a swift end to the legal saga, Murray believes the club have the right man in place to take them forwards into a new era after speaking to some 20 candidates. Murray declared: 'I am a Charlton fan through and through and in my balanced judgement, Iain is by far the best candidate we had.'

It is easy to overlook the contribution that Richard Murray and the board have made to the club. One way of reading these remarks is that the parting with Curbs was a little less amicable than supposed, e.g., the reference to writing a column which Curbs has done.

The long awaited Curbs 'autobiography' will be out soon, this being the right time to market it. It is, however, probably too soon to make a balanced appraisal of the strengths and limitations of his contribution to the club. It was, however, considerable.


Blogger Bingaddick said...


Could RM's comments about newspaper columns be a swipe at Jordan?

As for the other things he said, even the most ardent Curbs supporter would find it hard to argue with what he says. Also is he not sending a message to the financial markets and fans that the club has a strong foundation despite losing their long-standing manager?

12:37 AM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

That's a fair alternative reading.

11:25 AM  

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