Friday, June 02, 2006

Odds make Charlton 4th relegation favourites

Odds from Bluesq make Charlton fourth equal favourites with Fulham for relegation next season and leading favourites with the Cottagers among existing Premiership sides. The three promoted teams are made favourites for relegation which seems a bit hard on Sheffield United and Reading, particularly bearing in mind the performance of Wigan this season for which they got very little credit - and they are now fifth favourites for the drop.

The odds on Charlton going down are 11/4 compared with 7/2 for Portsmouth and 5/1 for Villa who in my view are at least as likely to be in trouble as indeed are the Massives who are quoted at 8/1. Even Boro at 16/1 could be in trouble if they don't get a manager of sufficient calibre.

It could be that this initial setting of odds, which presumably doensn't reflect actual bets, is similar to the kind of lazy journalism which gave the Addicks as relegation favourites year after year. I have more confidence in our new management and coaching team than these odds imply, although we do need to make some signings soon to boost confidence.


Blogger Ken J said...

Wyn - at those odds, definitely worth a hefty bet, wouldn't you say?

3:42 PM  

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