Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It is Dowie

BBC Sport are stating that Iain Dowie is the new Charlton manager. Les Reed and Mark Robson are the other members of the new coaching set up. Reed is a popular figure at The Valley because of his role in securing Charlton's initial promotion to the Premiership.

Mark Robson is, of course, a former Charlton player. In my study I have a picture from the first Charlton match I sponsored for my 50th birthday when Mark Robson was Man of the Match (although we lost 1-2 to Stoke).

The new supremo promised supporters that the team would attempt to play football with style. He said: 'They want to see me put a side on the pitch who play attractive football and hopefully we'll add to what Alan (Curbishley) brought here.'

Palace tried to serve a writ on Dowie at the press conference claiming that he made fraudulent statements when leaving the club, although he made it clear that Charlton contacted him only after he resigned.

Palace chairman Simon Jordan told Sky Sports News, 'We served the writ on Iain because he does not tell the truth. He fraudulently obtained a release from his contract under misrepresentation. I think it needs to be put in the public domain the level of deceit which has been used. My football club waived compensation because the man said he wanted to go back to the North.'

Jordan's representative burst into the press conference to unveil Dowie as Charlton's new manager and the Palace supremo was unrepentant over the course of events.

'If they had been a little politer at Charlton and let him in and not been so heavy handed, he might have been able to serve it in an orderly fashion,' said Jordan. 'But being Charlton and me being a big fan of them apparently [a reference to a hilarious remark by Richard Murray at the press conference], they did things in a certain way.'

'For the last two-and-a-half years the media has had an inside track on our relationship and it had been reported as fractious. Now with due respect, if you are lied to and somebody is trying to leg you over by getting out of a contract to their own advantage and tells you bare-faced lies, and turns up at the very place he said he wasn't going to go, are you going to be worried about good feeling between yourselves?'

Dowie responded to the news of the writ by saying: 'I'm not going to let it sour a good day for me. If that is what he feels then that is what he feels but it totally misrepresents the conversation I had with Simon and, to be fair, my wife witnessed two hours of it. I know I've got an agreement at home which says it was by mutual consent and I can live with myself, I can look him in the eye so that is all I can do.'

'I'm here to talk about Charlton - this is a club that is doing a lot of great things including investing in African countries to set up a player conveyor belt.(There is) Also fantastic investment in the training ground and what my plans for the club are and we are talking about something that is unnecessary.'

Some of the Addickted have been critical of the football that Palace have played under Dowie, but one has to consider what sort of club it is and the character of its chairman compared with Richard Murray. He achieved a great deal there on limited resources.

Although a staunch supporter of Alan Curbishley, and his kit sponsor for many years, I thought that the time had come to move on. We were getting stale and lacking new ideas. The cautious approach that had helped a club with limited resources to achieva a great deal was starting to be a handicap to further progress. As a result, fans were starting to vote with their feet.

However, it will probably be less than 24 hours before the first whingeing about Dowie starts.


Blogger Steve0 said...

I think Charlton have picked the best available manager. Hope we can play better football next season, and Dowie can arrest our poor second half of the season form (I'm getting fed up all the jibes!).

As for the writ. I know it sounds like sour grapes but maybe Jordan has a case,who knows? Let's hope it doesn't distract the club from moving forward.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

24 hours before the whinging starts, Wyn IO thought you were more in tune, it started on friday and has not stopped. Dowie is an excellent choice, lets hope the fans and the fixture list give him a chance.

9:24 PM  

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