Thursday, June 01, 2006

Euell fined after curfew breach

Watford striker Marlon King has been expelled from the Jamaica squad to face England on Saturday, but Charlton's Jason Euell and former player Jamal Campbell-Ryce appealed successfully against expulsion and have been fined half their match fee.

Jamaican sources state that the players broke curfew on Tuesday night, and when team management realised that they had left the Marriott, Worsley Park Hotel on the outskirts of Manchester, an order was given to the hotel staff for their keys to be inactivated.

Upon the players' return to the hotel after 2:00 am, they were advised by the hotel staff to visit the president's room, where a meeting was held and a decision taken to expel them.

King, who conceivably might have had a sherbet, became 'boisterous' and is reported to have been rude to the team's management. According to Jamaica Football Federation head Crenston Boxhill, King's expulsion 'was more than just breaking curfew'. He did not wish to elaborate, but said Euell and Campbell-Ryce 'apologised and admitted to their error, but King showed no remorse'.

King, Euell and Campbell-Ryce were seen as key starters for Jamaica in Saturday's game. Campbell-Ryce trained with the team yesterday, but Euell requested and was granted permission to 'clear his head', according to Kingston sources. Whether this meant that he had a sore head after the night's adventures must be a matter for speculation.

Euell is understood to have turned down a £1.5m move to Cardiff. At one time Dowie wanted him at Crystal Palace, but what his future role at Charlton will be remains to be seen.


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