Friday, April 07, 2006

Toffeemen overshadowed

Tomorrow's visit of Everton to The Valley, yet another fixture in the Premiership Mid-Table League, has been overshadowed by the excitement surrounding next week's cup replay against Boro. This blog originally forecast a draw at home and a win away and we're sticking to that, although the most likely route to a win is a penalty shoot out following a draw after 120 minutes with Myhre at his very best.

Meanhwile the league continues to matter with half a million pounds at stake for every place so a win against the Toffeemen tomorrow remains essential to hopes of continued progress and a top ten finish. Any idea of putting out a weakened team is out of the question.

Our record at home against Everton in the Premiership has been quite good with three wins, two defeats and a draw. We haven't lost at home to them since 2001/2. We are forecasting a 2-1 home win.


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