Sunday, April 02, 2006

Myhre: Curbs is what a modern manager is

Goalkeeper Thomas Myhre is the subject of a major interview in the Independent on Sunday today. There are not many keepers who would admit that they have spent 13 hours in the Louvre, although Calamity James at Manchester City has presented art criticism programmes on television and is a proficient artist. Myhre is simply a major collector.

On football Myhre marvels at the 'enthusiasm and motivation' his manager shows even though he has been at Charlton so long. He is not surprised that Curbishley has been interviewed for the England job. 'I would have been surprised if Alan wasn't approached as one of the candidates,' he says. 'He's as good as anyone. He's very modern, he's out there all the time, taking sessions, technically and tactically. He's what a modern manager is. He's very passionate.'

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