Monday, February 27, 2006

Danny is not hen pecked

Danny Murphy is not hen pecked, Joanna Taylor assures us in her latest column in The Times. She would not try to influence him when it comes to a move as it would only cause resentment.

Joanna assures us of her chameleon like qualities. She says, 'I like football but I watch it from the outside and have no mad passion for a particular club. Obviously, now I follow Spurs and I have to mention that the fans have been particularly welcoming, but I find it easy to change when Danny does.'

That's useful then, because there may be more moves ahead and one day no doubt Joanna will be pledging her loyalty to Queen's Park Rangers. One can imagine it. 'The lounge for the players' wives at Loftus Road is on the small side, but it is very cosy and we all get on well together. The left back's wife is a hairdresser and has offered to do my hair.'

I suppose that the Spurs fans, who in my view have always been among the most fickle and with the worst judgement of any in the Premiership, regard Danny as their new ace. We shall see. I wouldn't starting getting out the old moulds for tat commemorating the double yet.


Blogger colin from welling said...

Spurs fans regarding Murphy as their new ace? Don't be so sure about that, Wyn. Not from what I hear and read.

For reasons known only to them Spurs fans' seem very cool on Murphy. Even by their usual standard it don't look like he's gonna get long to prove himself.

Quite refreshing really

10:29 AM  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

Most Spurs fans appear baffled by Murphy's signing, and delivered an ironic cheer when he was substituted against Bolton last week.

2:49 PM  

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