Saturday, August 13, 2005

New mindset at The Valley says Luke

Player of the Season and capped England player Luke Young says that there is now a new mindset at The Valley in an interview with The Times. 'We are looking to push on from just being content with Premiership football', the defender commented.

Discussing the late season slump problem, Luke explained, 'It has been a really big effort for us to get into the position and we didn't have the legs to finish it. At Charlton, you tend to win games in fifth gear. [Looks more like second or third to me - WG]. We never have a game where we cruise through. So it catches up. But once we lose two or three on the bounce, it's very difficult to dig yourself out.'

Luke said it had been easy to integrate the new players because of the spirit in the squad. 'Now we have a really strong squad, as good as we have since I have been here. There is no reason why we can't push on and get into the Uefa Cup.' However, he added, 'If you are realistic, and look how much the clubs above us spend on transfers and wages, then we do punch above our weight each year.'


Curbs has hinted that the team may revert to a 4-4-2 system rather than the 4-5-1 used last year to cope with defensive weaknesses. 'It can be frustratng playing up front on your own and Darren will look more dangerous if someone else is there to take the weight off him', observed the supremo. But who will that other person be?


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