Saturday, July 23, 2005

This blog is on holiday

I'm away in Eastern Europe for the next couple of weeks. It will be the first time for ten years or so that I haven't been to any pre-season friendlies, but I am not sure they give much indication of what will happen in the season proper.

We've made some good signings over the summer without busting the bank, although one more striker would not go amiss. And without a tiring pre-season tour to China, but rather a focus on locations like Watford and Brentford, there shouldn't be an early season blip. But I bet the moment we lose a match, or even draw one, the moaners will be out in force.

Compare Charlton's situation with Leamington, newly promoted to the Midland Alliance, and facing a tough open away fixture against Boldmere St.Michaels. The Brakes have not had much luck in the transfer market over the summer, although they did land ex-Wolves player 36-year old Morton Titterton from Solihull Borough. But they have found it difficult to compete with the wages offered by clubs spending 2K a week on players.

Now they have suffered a further blow after rivals Racing Club Warwick received a cash bonanza from Manchester United. The Jockeys sold their keeper to Stoke City a couple of years ago with a sell on clause. Now the Salford Red Sox have bought him for £3m, with a slice of the readies going to the ground by the racecourse.

And to cap it all, one of the Leamington keepers is out of action after dropping a large toy on his toe!


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