Friday, July 22, 2005

Bowyer deal off

It looks like any chance of Lee Bowyer signing for the Addicks is off, a development that will please at least some of the Addickted. The prodigal son has told Newcastle's official website that he is desperate to remain a part of the team and will battle to win back the respect of all at the club.

'It hasn't been the best of summers for me if I'm honest, it's been very up and down,' said Bowyer who faces a court appearance in September over his on pitch battle last season. 'I spoke with Birmingham and Charlton, but at the end of the day I didn't want to move away from the club.'

The prospect of Bowyer's return divided supporters. Some clearly regarded him as a lower form of pond life for his off pitch behaviour while others castigated this stance as sanctimonious and said that his conduct had been no worse than any other young footballer. Others took the view that Curbs might be able to curb him and that any contract should have bad behaviour clauses.

Looking at it simply on footballing grounds, our midfield is now a lot stronger that it looked at the beginning of the summer and there is now less of a case for bringing in Bowyer.


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