Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Danny's wife on her hopes for Europe

Joanna Taylor was born in South London. She starred in the tv soap Hollyoaks and was approached by Footballers' Wives to be in the first series. And, although she is surprised to find herself married to a footballer, she is Danny Murphy's wife.

In an interview with The Times she says, 'Leaving Liverpool last summer was such a shock to Danny that he started off not feeling comfortable and was not as fit as he should have been. That affected his form in the first half of the season. Then he settled down and started to play really well. I can see he's a lot fitter than he was last summer, so hopefully he'll help Charlton into Europe.'

'One of the best things about being married to Danny is the pride I feel when I'm watching and he has a really good game. He doesn't talk about it, but when he's had a bad game that bothers him. If the team lose and he's done everything he can, fine, but if he's had a bad game it hurts ... He tries hard for himself and the club and the criticism bounces off him, especially when it's from opposition fans.'

'What makes me laugh about Footballers' Wives is the way the wives have so much involvement in the football club. I have no say in anything. The partners in the players' lounge are more concerned with looking after their kids than plotting ridiculous schemes. The girlfriends all sit together and that's really nice because we all genuinely get on.'


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