Friday, December 01, 2006

I'd settle for a point

It's a real six pointer at Bramall Lane tomorrow and it could be argued that three points for the Addicks is essential if they are going to climb out of the relegation zone, but at the moment I would settle for a point (and taking two points off Sheffield). The confidence of the Blades was boosted by their rather lucky win at Vicarage Road earlier in the week, while Charlton have the classic confidence problems of a side rooted to the bottom of the table.

It seems to me that the Blades rely on a Route 1, relatively physical style of football and the worry is that the likes of El Karkouri will give as good as he gets and be sent off. There is no doubt that off the pitch the Blades are a well run club as our sister site reveals: Football Economy .

I can't stand Neil Warnock, however, and I wish he would go back to his Cornish smallholding and stay there with his cauliflowers. I know that quite a lot of football fans like 'passionate' managers. My view is that the manager is a hired hand, he is not a fan and should not pretend to be, and what one wants from his is technical competence. Jumping up and down on the touchline only distracts the players, although Warnock did have a fair complaint about the use of towels at Watford to dry the ball for home side throw ins.

Having missed last week's match through illness, it's difficult to comment sensibly on the team (not sure that I could even if I had been there). I was interested in some comments that Young has been lacklustre in recent matches and that we would be better off with the Herminator as captain, although I am not sure that the role has much significance these days.

Those of us who go to away matches fairly regularly have not seen a victory since Portsmouth last October. One gentleman started going to away matches regularly around that time and I am afraid he is going tomorrow. I won't name him but he lives in a town where (a) Marianne Faithful went to a fee paying Catholic girls school, (b) it is the smallest town in Britain with its own CIA station and (c) Charlton lost there recently.

However, it is not superstition but a calculation of the realties of the situation that leads me to forecast a 2-1 win for the Blades tomorrow, continuing Charlton's misery.

Match analyst spaniel Monty Martin is already excited about the match and is coming to Warwickshire tonight for pre-match preparations. Hooch the Pooch took Ivy for a training walk along the Grand Union Canal yesterday and reports that she has already grasped the basics of the offside rule. Hooch is of the view that dogs should be allowed to run the line with the flag between their teeth as they would be both faster and more reliable than human linos. You read it here first.

The Bulletin said last night that 850 tickets had been sold in advance so with the ability to pay on the gate hopefully there will be about a thousand of us there tomorrow.


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