Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Richard Murray's statement

The statement from the web site is reproduced below with some comments by myself in square brackets:

Charlton confirmed on Tuesday morning that the contract of head coach Iain Dowie had been terminated by the club. Addicks plc chairman Richard Murray said: "One of the key features of our club during my time as chairman has been stability. It is something I feel is essential in all successful businesses. [I would agree and my great fear is a repeat of the post Jimmy Seed situation with a rapid turnover of increasingly inept managers as time went on] "It goes without saying, therefore, how hard it was after only 12 Premiership matches to reach the decision we have."

He added: "Over the past two weeks we have conducted a review of the structure we put in place during the summer which involved all senior football management staff. [So did they get it wrong in the first place? But clearly the decision has not been a snap one] "The results of this review have, we believe, left us with little option but to act in the manner we have. "Crucially we had to consider whether we believed our current situation would improve and we reluctantly came to the conclusion that it would not. [It would be interesting to know how they came to that conclusion] "In the situation we find ourselves in, it is also vital that everyone works as a team. Unfortunately, I have to say that has not been the case. [Intruguing. What does this refer to?] "By committing some £11.2m on new players in the summer we believe we demonstrated our support for Iain Dowie, as we have also done by backing him with the malicious legal action initiated against him by Simon Jordan." {Yeah, good rebuke to Jordan]

Murray concluded: "What we need at this time is as little disruption as possible and accordingly the club has promoted Les Reed to head coach and Mark Robson to assistant head coach. [The right choice in the circumstances] "Both have a solid Charlton pedigree and I am confident they will do everything within their power,
together with the players, to turn our season around."

What does this not say is what time period applies to the Reed and Robson appointment. Is it an interim appointment, does it last for the rest of the season, or are they actively seeking someone else? I would be happy for Reed and Robson to be given a chance to see what they can do.


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