Friday, August 25, 2006

Jase, Romm on way?

The Kent Messenger (the paper read in the Rickshaw) reports that Jason Euell and Dennis Rommedahl may be on their way out of The Valley. In Euell's case the club are keen to get something back on the £4.75m signing in the last year of his contract, however small.

The paper claims, 'Though new boss Iain Dowie wiped the slate clean for every player on arriving in May, Euell has done nothing to persuade him that he should figure in his plans.' That sounds plausible.

It is also reported that the club are hoping to make two signings before the transfer window closes on Thursday. High on Dowie’s wish list is a central defender and central midfielder (so say all of us). All the Addicks supremo would say was: 'We are continuing to look at all areas where we can strengthen the squad. If we can do it we will. There are one or two areas which I’d like to improve but I’ll keep those to myself. Whether or not it happens before the deadline we’re not sure, but we hope so.'

No tears would be shed among the Addickted about the departure of Jason Euell, although some will blame his loss of form of Curbs, but no doubt Curbs is being blamed for the traffic congestion after Wednesday's match.

Romm is a different matter. Dowie clearly has doubts about him as he brought him on relatively late on Wednesday, having meanwhile tried to play a long ball game. Many of the Addickted consider that we need to use our wingers (hopefully soon including Bolanos) to penetrate defences for our forwards.

So is Dowie's distaste for Romm completely irrational? What moaners often seem to forget is that managers are watching players at the training ground all week and also have the sophisticated ProZone statistics at their disposal.

Romm certainly belongs to the Claus Jensen school of football or, as the Bloke Beside Me put it this week, 'he is a powder puff.' Putting tackles in does not form part of his game.

I would prefer to see him remain at Charlton, although I would tend to use him as a bench player, but with more time than he had on Wednesday. He ceratainly has pace and the ability to penetrate, but his crosses and finishing are often lacking.


Blogger colin from welling said...

Romm the same as Claus, Wyn? No way, not having it - I saw him head the ball on Wednesday!!!

Dowie's (non)use of Rommers was baffling. Although his use of all his substitutes was - easily as strange as anything we saw under Curbs. Just look what happened once he did come on - the exceptional Luke Young found an extra gear going forward and that left back was worried. Shame it was too little too late and that is def. one against for Dowie already.

The simple fact is, until we have a more robust midfield, capable of holding the ball, Denis will never fit in, not for more than a cameo, which is a waste. Claus was able to operate cos he had the likes of Kinsella, Stuart, Parker etc around him.

Denis is one of our few true class acts and we've never seen the best of him. Unless there are other factors involved that we don't see, Rather than getting rid of him cos he don't fit, Dowie needs to shore up the midfield to accomodate him.

10:40 AM  
Blogger SE7 ADDICK said...

I'd rather keep Romm but Ambrose can play wide right and Lloyd Sam may well be stifled if Romm stays. On the left we have Reid, Thomas and Balanos who also can paly on the right. Romm wouldn't be a big loss as long as we can address the real issues in cntre of defence and midfield.

12:13 PM  

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