Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lacklustre performance by Addicks

Charlton were defeated 4-1 by Bolton at the Reebok after a lacklustre performance, reports Erith Addick Paul May. It was the same score as last season, the only difference being that this time it came at the end of the season. And, quite frankly, it looked as if a lot of the Charlton players couldn't be bothered. Above all, we were overwhelmed in midfield were we desperately need strengthening in the summer. I know people moan about his errors, but we missed the battling qualities of Kish who was warming the bench.

The game was all but over by half-time when Bolton were 3-0 ahead. Bolton had looked dangerous from the off with a strike from Nakata after three minutes going narrowly wide of Myhre's left post. On 14 minutes he put in a great cross which was headed in the net by the teenage Portuguese striker Vaz Te who chalked up his first Premiership goal.

On 21 minutes Myhre parried a shot by Borgetti, but Davies was able to make the tap in to make it 2-0. Then on 31 minutes Borgetti, who was only marginally onside, got through to make it 3-0 with a shot inside Myhre's near post.

Dennis Rommedahl had been disappointingly anonymous (Thomas, of course, was not playing) and Curbs withdrew him and Ambrose at half time, bringing on Bothroyd and Fortune. Bothroyd was fouled in the area by Tal Ben Heim which at least gave Darren Bent the opportunity to score from the spot with a well taken penalty.

But the Addicks were unable to build on this goal and Bolton piled on the pressure again. Myhre, who had been having a mare of a game, made an error on 90 minutes that allowed Davies to head home from close range to make it 4-1.

We have not won away on the road since October and it is a real sickener for blokes like me who regularly make long journeys to support the club. Have we become too stale and predictable, as Rick Everitt has been hinting on the list, and do we need a new approach at the top?


Blogger colin from welling said...

Was Paul May at the game? If so, did he stay til the end? Bothroyd took a two handed punch to the side of the head from Jaskalainnen for the penalty, nothing to do with Ben Haim.

At least he mentioned the astonishing slack attitude of Myhre which led to Davis's goals. Many in te covered end felt Myhre should have had played his last game last weekend v Pompey but at least he will get the last two games this season.

At least Fortune looked on it when he came on. Bye, bye Dennis, take Euell and Holland with you and - perish the thought - maybe Mr C might join you.

To make matters worse - West Ham have just beaten Boro and 'secured their place in Europe'

Oh, I f**kin hate foorball sometimes!!!

5:38 PM  
Blogger colin from welling said...

Sorry, I meant to say at least Andersen will get the last two games of the season!

5:40 PM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

Perhaps he was even more tanked up than usual. I will have a word.

7:24 PM  
Blogger colin from welling said...

No Need, Wyn...That rubbish would've made me get tanked up, were it not for the drive home!!

For the record I was taking a leak when the Ali-like incident took place so I didn't see it first hand either!!!

11:51 AM  

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