Monday, April 17, 2006

Curbs to get second interview

Alan Curbishley is to get a second interview for the job of England manager, probably tomorrow. Martin O'Neill now appears to be out of the running and may replace McClaren at Boro when the latter takes the England job. Boro's recent run of form appears to have made him front runner, although that seems a remarkably short-term way of taking an important decision.

Even so, uncertainty faces Curbishley's future at Charlton. He wants to reflect over the summer about his future, given that a contract extension would mean spending twenty years at the club. He hinted that he would like to try his hand on a bigger stage, with Newcastle United and Aston Villa both being possibilities.

The club is already actively considering who might replace him. I still think it's going to be a re-run of the departure of Jimmy Seed with the club seeing a succession of short-term managers as Charlton slump. I am relatively indifferent between the various candidates, although I quite like the idea of Mark Bowen. What I do not want is some gobby third division manager who displays 'passion' by jumping up and down on the touchline and screaming at players.

There is a world of difference between the Premiership and League 1 and the biggest single difference is the quality of the defences. That affects tactics. Kick and rush may work at the lower level, but it won't do in the Premiership.

I was watching an old Moving Magazine from the 1991-2 season yesterday (kindly donated by Dave Lockwood) and what struck one was the acres of space the players had to operate in. Even Sweaty Balmer was able to make a powerful run from the back without being challenged.

Mid-table Premiership is clearly boring many Charlton supporters, but it's better than mid-table Championship. I doubt whether the club can go to the much vaunted next level without a really big injection of funds which would enable us to buy top quality players. I don't think the problem with our players is a lack of commitment, it's a lack of sufficient skill among many of them with an injury to someone like Luke Young leaving a big hole in the side.

In the words of Peter Varney, enjoy the game.


Blogger Andy G said...

Second that.
I've been based in New York with only London radio and the occasional live match for the last three years. What I've seen (and heard) this season has not been great, however the start was fun and Darren Bent's done well
I read a great deal of the Charlton blogs, and rarely reply with a comment. When I have it's been trying to calm down the reactionary statements posted all to often. I personally think this is mainly down to the medium. The internet and the general speed of information have made for an increasingly impatient type of fan. Add to this the over saturation of football on TV and I think you get nearer to the reason people complain oh so much.

IT IS only a game. Sometimes fun, sometimes not.

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