Friday, April 14, 2006

Fulham preview

This year I put Fulham down as one of my relegation forecasts. But although Fulham often end not far away from the bottom of the Premiership, somehow they always manage to avoid getting sucked into a serious relegation struggle.

Our outings to Craven Cottage in the Premiership have seen two goalless draws, including one last season when the now departed Van der Sar made sure that the Addicks didn't score and two defeats. Some might ask what the point of the match is from a Charlton point of view, but each Premiership place is worth half a million and we will need funds in the summer to strengthen the squad, not least in midfield.

This blog has been critical of Spector, apart from one or two good games, all season and the experience generally calls into question whether we really get value from loan players. Either they are disgruntled players from elsewhere who think they are better than they are (Carthorse Cole) or hopefuls from bigger clubs who never seem to ascend the learning curve (Spector). Or they go back home to mother Russia like Smertin.

Unfortunately we haven't got many options at right back as pulling Kish back would weaken the midfield. I would like to see Sorondo start as I think that he looked effective against Everton, contributing to forward moves as well as being solid in defence. I would also favour a 4-5-1 using both Romm and Thomas, but we are quite likely to see Marcus Bent doing his imitation of Carl Leaburn on an off day.

Either it will be a draw or we will get a hammering from Fulham. Difficult to see a Charlton away win.

I will be away in Wales riding on the footplate of a GWR Hall class locomotive I have been paying to restore for many years. Although I am no steam buff, this seemed too good an experience to turn down. Paul May will be there to report on the match.


Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

I still can't get over what happened on Wednesday, when we came out of the blocks looking like world beaters, then at 1-2 Curbs seemed to tip them the wink and they went back into 0-0 formation. It would be nice to think that we could win today - remember the heady days of away wins earlier this season? - but my head tells me that the best we can hope for is a bore draw. Come on, Curbs, get a grip!

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