Tuesday, August 16, 2005

High powered Brakes go roaring on

Leamington followed their 3-2 away win over high flying Boldmere St. Michaels with a 3-0 demolition of Studley in their first Midland Alliance fixture at Harbury Lane on Tuesday night in front of a crowd of 540. (Now corrected to 640 - WG) The Bees were no match for the pace and fitness of the Brakes.

Former Inverness Caledonian Thistle ace and rumoured Brackley Town target, skipper Leon Morgan opened the account on 11 minutes. The phenomenon known as Josh Blake followed up with a sweetly struck free kick and a second to make it 3-0 by the break. (Well, I thought Josh Blake got the third, but it was Richard Adams so I'm a quid down as I sponsor each goal he scores). In the Brakes goal, Richard Morris made a superb save with the palm of his hand.

Our sponsored player, the aptly named Darran Tank disputed the positioning of a free kick with the aisinine lino, pointing out 'there's a big divot there.' 'He's a big divot', a wag in the crowd shouted in reference to the team's joint assistant manager.

The managerial pair in the Studley dugout were a joy to a behold, the main man looking like a PE teacher on a big night out, bellowing instructions that were totally ignored by the puffing lumpheads that constituted his side.

Studley did come back into the match in the second half, but were unable to score, while Brakes were denied by some good work by Studley keeper Craig Johnson. Unable to rouse the Sheepside to sing, the North Bank executed the whole Dambusters march with baas, followed by one of the most authentic imitations of a baa I have ever heard.

As the match slipped from their grasp, Studley manager Rowlands spoilt his lean, clean image by getting out his packet of fags. Increasingly frustrated, the Bees became increasingly dirty. Useless referee G Stretton had been relying on tongue lashings, but was forced to give a series of yellows and finally had to send a Studley player off.

Meanwhile, a delighted North Bank chanted 'Bring on the Racing', but they will have to wait until Boxing Day for the visit of the Jockeys. What a start to the season: Charlton and Leamington both top of their leagues.


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