Thursday, July 14, 2005

Irons and Addicks in race for Bowyer

The dance between Charlton and West Ham goes on with the two clubs reported to be in a race to sign former Addick Lee Bowyer who is having a house built in Kent. Charlton would probably be interested in the player if the fee reflected his various problems.

The Bowyer issue is one that divides the Addickted. I think that he is one of the best instinctive footballers I have ever seen play for Charlton, but others say that he is now past his best.

Then there is behaviour his off the field. Could a return home help him to calm down? He always got some credit from me for turning up to watch the Addicks at Huddersfield on a cold night in winter after he had left the club.


Blogger Chicago Addick said...

I loved him when he was with us. I will never forget his hat-trick at Selhurst when we beat Wimbledon in a League Cup match. He was awesome that night. At Leeds he just got better and better and then mismanagement, stupidity, arrogance, money and just being plain thick got the better of him.

Only one manager can turn his life around and that is his original mentor Curbishley. BUT big question, can he regain his form of 2-3 years back?

Other question, is he willing to take a wage cut? This will show how much he wants to come to Charlton to prove that he is still the player he was.

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