Monday, June 25, 2007

Controversy rages over women's team

The scrapping of the Charlton women's team (yet to be confirmed by the club) has certainly provoked controversy among the Addickted. It's difficult to work out the balance of opinion, but it's probably around fifty-fifty.

Main arguments in favour of scrapping

1. Our only priority is to get back to the Premiership, nothing else matters.
2. The women's team has always run at a loss.
3. Once one discounts relatives and hangers on, attendances are only about 50.
4. When the team was set up, it looked as if women's football might be going somewhere, but this hasn't happened.
5. Many junior managerial and other staff at The Valley are losing their jobs and no one seems to be too worried about them.
6. Many of those complaining have never been to see the women anyway.

Main arguments against scrapping

1. The women's team have achieved more than the men and shouldn't be punished for their relegation.
2. It's poor public relations in the context of the club's community strategy.
3. It will undermine attempts to build up our support base among younger women.
4. It's a small sum (stated to be £250k) compared to the parachute payment.

I don't think it's the end of Charlton as we know it, but I do think it is an unfortunate decision. We wouldn't be in this position at all if so many errors had not been made over the past year.

Has enough consideration been given to downsizing? At one time there was quite a good sponsorship deal, but it went sour. Has the possibility of sponsorship been fully explored? Of course, we don't know because all we can rely on is statements of 'friends of the board'.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Whilst there is the controversy over the scrapping of the womens football structure at the club and much angst amongst those that support the women (including me), the sad fact is that in a very short period of time it will be forgotten as other news overtakes it such as the sale of DB, new players coming in and ultimately the results on the field of the mens team. For Reg and Minty it was probably a decision that they could have done with being announced on another news day, but overall their standing in the football world within the Charlton community will be judged on the mens performances on the pitch and in a seven weeks time the womens decision will be seen by most as a footnote to the new season. Sadly, no one is going to cheer any less because the women are no longer involved.

8:42 AM  
Blogger charlton north-downs said...

Hi Wyn
A friend of mine, at my tennis club ,his daughter played for the reserves two seasons ago and was not paid any expenses, but apparently the first team players received £45 per match, on appearance only. Even if expenses have doubled, we could say 13 players x 40 matches x £90 = £46,800.00, Paying a manager,kit, training and general overheads might reach £200,000 , less revenue received , we could estimate that its not costing more than £100,000. The cost of goodwill, far outways that the tiny cost and it could mean a loss of potential women supporters.

9:50 AM  
Blogger beauzo said...

Scrapping the entire female football setup for the sake of £250k a year is reprehensible in every way, disgusting. The first team has consistently been the 2nd or 3rd best in the land for the last several years. This can't be put down as an error of judgement this is shamefull.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Jenna6 said...

couldnt believe it when i heard the news from my dad back home in kent that Charlton ladies was over! As i have moved to uni in Cheltenham i still actively play football, but charlton ladies always played a part in that from when i was young. From playing against them as a for Millwall in the U14 U 16 legaues and to watching the ladies play live at the valley on various occasions.
I do not believe the teams will finish here, jsut due to the pure passion that comes from the ladies game and the committed staff and volunteers behind the ladies game that makes it what it is today!
The ladies arent going ne where!!

1:30 PM  

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