Saturday, June 16, 2007

Famous professional football club

Charlton and Crystal Palace are among the most famous football clubs in England according to Mr Justice Tugenhadt in the High Court. You can read the full judgement here: Crystal Palace (2000) Ltd. v Dowie

The following paragraph suggests that the judge does not have a personal knowledge of football:
Palace and Charlton are, of course, rival clubs. But the rivalry in 2006 was much more than is normal between football clubs. A number of incidents had occurred in the previous seasons, all of them regretted by the individuals involved, as a result of which the personal relationships between the two chairmen were very poor indeed. In addition, on 15th May 2005 Charlton had equalised in the last few minutes of the second half, dashing Palace's hopes of retaining a place in the Premiership. That was the last game of the season. It was played at The Valley, and Charlton supporters had demonstrated delight in Palace's relegation from the Premiership. Mr Jordan and all those at Palace, and their fans, were still smarting at the insult a year later.

It was also no surprise that the advert in the Daily Mail attracted a disappointing reponse. There were about a hundred applications, but only twelve of them had the relevant experience.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

This is an excellent reaqd and gives a great insight to the relatinship between Palace and charlton and also the workings and thought processes of a Football Club, plus the dissassociation of the Leagal System from Football and Football Fans, and I would cite point 53.

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