Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blades reprieve would be hit for Charlton

I hear from the Charlton list that the Blades are bigging it up that they are going to stay in the Premiership, writes Erith addick Paul May. This would be the result of an arbitration process set up by the Premiership which makes it all sound a bit unlikely to me.

But the word from Bramall Lane is that both the Blades and the Hamspters will stay up, making a 21-club league. Fifa might have something to say about that, although apparently it was allowed in Spain.

The consequence would undoubtedly be that only two clubs would go up from the Championship next year which would not be good for us. Which is no doubt we have pulled out of this business.

I think the Blades were a crap side this year. Ok, we couldn't beat them, but that says something about us. I hope they go down to the Championship where they belong. And it would be better for us if the Hampsters stayed up.

And another thing. If you think this new Olympic logo is a disgrace (a 'brand consultant' was blathering on about it on Radio 5 this morning, sign the petition here: Petition


Blogger Pedro45 said...

Why necessarily 21 clubs? Why not relegate West Ham? And why presume that only two Championship clubs nbe promoted next season (Champions and play-off winners?)? Why nothave four clubs relegated formt he Premier that would really scare a whole bunch of other Premiership clubs into forcing cheating West Ham out of the top tier!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

I can't see 21 clubs in the Premiership. The big clubs want fewer teams not more and they'll reject this proposal out of hand. If it was serious proposed, it could only be on the basis of four clubs being relegated... and then you'll hear the objections of the smaller clubs who would fear the increased chances of being one of four instead of one of three. So, one way you'll get the big clubs rejecting this, the other way you'll get the smaller clubs rejecting this.

Throwing the Hammers out would be the only solution, but that won't happen now as the Hammers would then sue...

Only the FA could preside over this mess!

3:07 PM  

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