Friday, December 22, 2006

Tomorrow's matches previewed

If the fog lifts, the big match in the Polymac Services Midland Alliance tomorrow is No.1 versus No.2, Leamington against Romulus at the New Windmill Ground. What Romulus lack in numbers of fans, they make up for in ferocity. The drawing above is taken from the Windmill Wonderland fanzine who describes their No.1 and possibly only supporter as a 'bitter little dwarf' accompanied by Spit the Dog.

Possibly a hundred or more hard core Charlton supporters will make the long trek to Middlesbrough to see the Addicks possibly suffer another humiliation. There are now a number of injury woes to add to Les 'Prozone' Reed's troubles. Charlton have only lost one match away in the Premiership at Boro, having drawn all the rest, apart from last year when they won 3-0.

Boro are no great shakes at the moment and I think it is possible that the Addicks might get something out of the match so I am going for a 1-1 draw.

When I received a message from the club on my mobile, I thought it might be Les Reed announcing that he was reverting to a coaching role, but instead it was assistant chief executive Steve Sutherland thanking me for my 'fantastic' support which in fact hasn't much been in evidence. However, if I turn up at the Fulham game I might have a chance of winning an apartment in Spain where I could watch some decent football.

BTW, I note that the club have dropped me off their Christmas card list this year my support clearly hasn't been fantastic enough.


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Our man from Chalfont St Peter obviously had a word

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