Monday, December 18, 2006

Interesting article on Curbs

Tony Cascarino has been described as a 'big girl's blouse' which is itself one of the oddest phrases in the English language, but he has an interesting article on Curbs and Charlton in The Times today. It contained some observations which were new to me, e.g., that Curbs favoured basic wages and big win bonuses at Charlton. Read it at: Cascarino

All water under the bridge now, I know. Some of the list traffic today suggests that 'we should stand by our man' in the form of Les Reed as long as he is manager, pointing out that yet another upheaval would make the club look more foolish and damage morale.

All fair points, but there is a lot at stake. Big clubs like City, Forest, and now possibly Leeds, have dropped down to League 1. Next year sees a big boost in television revenues. If Charlton is an ambitious club, and sometimes there are doubts about the ambition of the fans, they need to stay in the Premiership. Sometimes that requires ruthlessness rather than niceness.


Blogger colin from welling said...

I'm with you, Wyn.

Ruthlessness is a word I've used often over the last couple of weeks after it dawned on me that it's that extra ingredient that is essential in football management and what made Curbs the man he is.

Big Les is a 'lovely bloke' (unless of course you're Steven Gerrard: that's the problem - lovely blokes just don't cut it.

I hope that, as a 'Charlton Man', Les would be prepared to go back to what he does best and coach, letting the board appoint a proper manager.

If not, then you hope the board at least will demonstrate their reputed ruthlessness and do the right thing, no matter how much it hurt.

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