Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dowie out after Saturday?

According to The Times defeat on Saturday against Watford will put Dowie's job in jeopardy:


This seems to me to represent a misunderstanding of Charlton as a club, or at least I hope it does. I wouldn't want us once again to become a club that frequently changed its manager as happened in our most dismal days: it doesn't work in the long run anyway.

Of course, victory on Saturday is now vitally important. Depending on how some of the other strugglers do, it could lift us out of the relegation positions. Whereas I wasn't confident about victory against Fulham, where we have never won away in the Premiership, we must surely beat a team that has a keeper who used to play for Racing Club Warwick.

The usual suspects on the lists and messages boards have been calling for Dowie's head. In fact the same people were often prominent in calling for Curbs to go. It needs to be remembered that sacking Dowie would cost us a lot of money we don't have. And it is by no means clear who the successor would be, although some fans have a Curbs to West Ham and Pards + Peacock to The Valley scenario.

What Dowie may need to consider is using a 4-5-1 formation (of the type that could convert to 4-3-3 in attack by good use of Rommedahl and Thomas) away from home. Hasselbaink has been something of a disappointment up front. However, I would stick with 4-4-2 on Saturday.


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