Monday, October 16, 2006

Fulham preview

Charlton need three points to get off the bottom of the table at Fulham tonight which will mean their first win away in the Premiership at the riverside club. The Fink Tank in The Times puts the chances of an away win at 20 per cent, a draw at 22 per cent with a 58 per cent chance of a victory for the Cottagers. Reading off the table, with Fulham in 11th position, one can see how they came to this conclusion.

Even without Bullard, Fulham are a decent side with one or two players such as McBride I wouldn't have minded having at Charlton. Each year I include Fulham in my relegation selection and each year they survive in reasonable comfort. Some credit must go to manager Chris Coleman, although I find his constant whingeing about officials a real turn off.

Thomas is now available again after injury, but is most likely to find a place on the bench. A back four that includes Fortune is less than perfect, while Hughes is likely to appear in midfield to the despair of many of the Addickted. Hughes has become a 'scapegoat' player so that every mistake is noted and every good move discounted. While I would rather not have to use him in the starting line up, he is not quite as bad as some people claim.

Once a team is in a relegation position, the squad are under real psychological pressure so let's hope that they can rise to the occasion. I am forecasting a draw. Work will keep me in Warwickshire, but Erith Addick Paul May will be filing a match report.


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