Saturday, October 14, 2006

All's well at Sparrows Lane

The Daily Mirror had an inventive piece of journalism yesterday about trouble at the training ground with JFH and Marcus Bent at each other's throats and a team building event organised by Luke Young at TGIF (!) failing. This nonsense has already been rubbished by the club's E mail bulletin.

However, it is interesting to read this report from local correspondent Clive Richardson: 'I have strolled along the footpath by the training ground several times recently, and while I've only watched the odd 20 minute session, it's been all laughs and wind-ups - along with hard work- as far as I could judge...JFH seemed keenly involved with all the exercises I saw, and the whole first team squad seemed quite happy with events.'


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Stories like this can only contribute to the building of team spirit, as long a the overall view that this is rubbish is correct. I am sure that Dowie will use this for motivation of the team prior to Fulham. Lets hoppe that they get something out of this, along with the Watford game this is the most important match of the season. 4 points minimum from the next 6 are critical. We were able to take Arsenals defence apart at times, now its important we do it with lesser lights of the Prem,.

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