Friday, August 25, 2006

Millwall touts for fans

Millwall Football Club is looking to attract floating football fans in London with its first outdoor advertising campaign. The campaign, using Viacom Outdoor poster sites across the London Underground, aims to attract new fans by highlighting the quality of football at the club, with the slogans 'the home of real football' and 'real talent, real passion and real football'. Some of us might think the slogan on the nearby power station was more appropriate, 'recycling power from rubbish'.

Posters also highlight the ease of travelling to its Bermondsey ground The New Den with the line, 'seven minutes from London Bridge' and focus on images of some of its most highly regarded players including former Chelsea goalkeeper Lenny Pidgeley and striker Darren Byfield. [Who?]

Stewart Till, Millwall FC chairman, said: 'Our fans experience the buzz, excitement and sheer entertainment of high quality soccer at Millwall [sic] and we want more Londoners to share the experience.' [And some other experiences as well]. 'This campaign is designed to reach London soccer fans with the message that Millwall is a smart, vibrant, family-orientated football club.' If you believe that, you will believe anything.


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