Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carson, Ambrose feature in under 21s match

Charlton keeper Scott Carson was in goal for the whole of the England Under 21 match against Moldova last night and Darren Ambrose came on as a late substitute, managing to pick up a yellow card. He also missed a couple of chances.

Some of the Addickted think that on that performance Carson should be behind Andersen and Myhre in the pecking order.

However, such a judgement would be too hasty. Our erstwhile reserve correspondent, Clive Richardson, commented:

Difficult to judge Carson on little 'keeping to do and a dodgy defence to cope with. Moldova took their chances by hitting the ball early, while our lot were always looking for another pass.

Likewise Ambrose - came on in the aftermath of our second goal, hardly had a chance to get to the pace of the game - put himself about a bit, and the chances he 'missed' came through his own perseverance.

Clive won't be going to reserve games now they are at Gravesend, about which there is quite a funny joke in the Rushden fanzine (apologies to those who have Gravesend as their second team). Apparently, Gravesend Council want the town to become a riverside report and the first step has been donkey rides on the 'beach'. However, some of the children have been too heavy for the Gravesend players.


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