Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Late sting at the Beehive

Leamington won their second victory of their Polymac Services Midland Alliance campaign at the Beehive tonight when they beat Studley 3-2. They thought they had drawn the Bees' sting when they were 3-0 ahead, but Studley fought back to ensure a tense close to the all Warwickshire fixture.

Brakes were clearly on top in the first half with Mozza having little to do in the Leamington goal, but the Bees' defenders were buzzing round the visitors' forwards. Eventually former Inscrutable Jamie Towers broke the deadlock with a clean strike that had nothing Sphinxlike about its simplicity.

Leamington went 2-0 ahead early in the second half when a great pass from James Husband released Clunsie. Andy Gregory then made it 3-0. Leamington president David Hucker started a discussion about who should be man of the match with six candidates in the frame.

However, the Brakes sat back and invited pressure and the inevitable happened when the Bees scored. Charm merchant Leon Kandekore, who had already been booked, tried to extend an argument with the lino into a dispute with the crowd.

Leamington's goal continued to be a hive of activity and the Bees made it 3-2. However, Brakes had sufficient resilience to prevent an equaliser and to make it six points out of six.


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