Sunday, August 13, 2006

Massives sign Isaksson

At one time touted as a possible signing for Charlton, Swedish keeper Andreas Isaksson has signed a three year contract with Manchester City which should at least keep my doctor happy. With art critic Calamity James going to Portsmouth to replace the fading Dean Kiely, the Massives were in urgent need of a new keeper.

It now appears that Myhre is not going to Italy as was rumoured at one stage. He did have a few mares towards the end of last season and made a foolish mistake against Utretcht on Friday. However, the only alternatives are the sulky Andersen and the promising but inexperienced Randolph. When Deano was at his best, he saved us a lot of problems by providing an unassailable first choice in goal. But it was clear last season that he was past his best


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