Friday, May 05, 2006

Jordan: I'd like to kick Murray in the backside

The dislike of Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan for Charlton is well known, but now he has told 4-4-2 magazine that he would like to kick inoffensive Addicks chairman Richard Murray in the backside.

The charm merchant said, 'I'd like to give the Charlton chairman a kick in the ****. I don't like him because of certain comments that were made to me on the day we were relegated at The Valley - he knows what they were.' A somewhat different version has circulated in Charlton circles which alleges that the conduct of the visiting Eagles left something to be desired.

Elsewhere in the issue, Gianluca Vialli, who lives in London, indicates his interest in coaching a Premiership club. Of any interest to the Addickted? Particularly as a director of football for a younger manager?


Blogger se3addick said...

Richard Murray is a studiously polite man and not easily moved to irritation, but the behaviour of his counterparts at The Valley last year left a lot to be desired, it seems. As I understood it he eventually reacted to several hours of gross discourtesy from his 'guests', and if Jordan genuinely thinks he is the offended party then that tells us a lot.

Imagine a Simon Jordan taking over at Charlton. Scary? Absolutely. That's why we need to get on with the launch of a Supporters' Trust, ready for the day when we perhaps don't have the decent, ethical, reliable leadership that we have today.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Going after Dowie to replace Curbs would be worth it just to see Jordan's face.

2:42 PM  
Blogger colin from welling said...

I find Jordan a truly repellent human being.

Not to say he hasn't come out with some comments of some merit in the past but when he does they are undermined by...himself.

In complete contrast to our own perfect gentleman, Mr Murray, Jordan is a vile, ghastly man. I hope I never have the misfortune to meet him.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Ken J said...

Oh Please let Palace win promotion and then do "a sunderland", Pleeeeese.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Ken J said...

OK. Getting thumped by Watford is just as good !

4:56 PM  

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