Monday, May 01, 2006

Coppell linked with Addicks

The Currant Bun is saying Charlton want Steve Coppell to take over from Alan Curbishley. Apparently, the Reading boss has still not signed a contract with the Royals, despite leading them into the Premiership this season for the first time in their history. To me this suggests that he is biding his time to get the best contract and a few rumours about other clubs won't do his cause no harm.

The Sun argues that Coppell’s quiet personality fits Charlton’s profile perfectly (although some fans have demanded 'more passion') and claims that the
Addicks are already believed to have sounded him out about joining them. Reading chairman John Madejski has told pals he fears Coppell will quit in the summer and has already lined up Colchester boss Phil Parkinson as his replacement. So Parkinson is in the frame for Charlton and Colchester!

What is evident from reading the list and listening to Charlton Plus is that there is little consensus among the Addickted about who the new boss should be (Inspector Sands at All Quiet in the East Stand has produced a useful guide to the candidates) or might be.

The one candidate who receives universal condemnation, and rightly so, is Hoddle. George Graham has a few supporters, but some equally strong opponents. George Burley has been presented as Mr Integrity but it has been pointed out that the way he moved from Colchester to Ipswich hardly fits that description.

Mick McCarthy has been mentioned, largely it seems on the grounds that he lives at Bromley and has been seen at The Valley, but then so has Tord Grip, indeed he was actually on the pitch. However, some see McCarthy as someone who would get us relegated (incidentally, a feat that Redfearn has achieved again at Scarborough).

Mark Bowen attracted some interest, but it was pointed out that we need someone with experience as a coach as well as a manager. So what can probably say with some confidence is that the successful candidate will be none of the above.


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