Monday, January 09, 2006

Gloomsters out over Orient

Charlton's home 4th round FA Cup time against Leyton Orient has brought the gloomsters out from under their stones with forecasts of inevitable defeat. Just because they beat Fulham away in the last round does not mean that they can necessarily beat us.

I have already seen Orient play in the FA Cup this season when they beat Rushden and Diamonds 2-1 at Nene Park in the 2nd round. Orient are a well organised side who did not have much trouble in dealing with the Diamonds attack. However, like all lower division sides there is quite a bit of hoof 'n' hope. This is, of course, what can trouble Premiership sides as balls come into unexpected places from unexpected angles, usually to no effect. Premiership teams are also often more pressured on the ball, as there is less standing off and waiting for attacks to build in a respectful fashion.

We do need to sort our defence. At Wednesday there was still too much of two players going for the same ball or marking the same man, particularly at set pieces. More coordination is needed, although all the changes that have taken place made a settled style of play and mutual understanding difficult.

I am still optimistic about our chances against Orient and this blog is looking into some form of match sponsorship.

BTW, I know fans from all sorts of clubs, but I have never known an Orient fan.


Blogger Chicago Addick said...

I knew an Orient fan pretty well when I was in London. He was a season ticket holder but was a miserable sod. He always made me feel a lot better about being a Charlton fan after I had spoken to him!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Strange that Doug, it must be common place for Orient supporters, the only one I knew was a miserable and boring Victor Meldrew type. Prwesumably the O's are a bunch of Wyn's Bloke behond Me.

10:34 PM  

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