Monday, January 02, 2006

Joanna: some referees are power mad

Joanna Taylor, Danny Murphy's wife, writes in today's Times about his sending off against Arsenal: 'Technically, he deserved that second yellow card against Arsenal, but some referees are power-mad. They love flexing their muscles and having such an impact on a game. I also think some referees just don’t like certain players. As for Steve Bennett, well, he does have a reputation.'

'Some referees use their initiative and might have thought, in that situation, “this is a team that are 1-0 down, in the middle of a losing streak and that was just frustration”. Others do everything by the book. The inconsistency is the annoying aspect, but I think it would be better if referees concentrated on the players who get away with maiming others.'

'I do not believe players should get away with behaving in a stroppy fashion, though. Danny was stupid and deserved a warning, but I’m not so sure about a sending-off.'

Joanna also express sympathy for the Addickted who went to Newcastle, using it to argue for a winter break, although part of the agenda here appears to be a week away for her and Danny in sunnier climes. The problem with the winter break argument is that the bad weather doesn't arrive at the same time each year.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

At least Joanna was not talking about moves to Newcastle. I wonder if the league can bring a disrepute charge for yoyur wife mouthing off??

10:25 AM  

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