Sunday, December 11, 2005

Club concludes new shirt deal

Charlton have signed a four-and-a-half year shirt sponsorship agreement with Spanish property company Llanera SL from Valencia, according to an E mail bulletin news flash. 'Llanera' apparently means 'plainsman' in Spanish which might be appropriate to our style of play.

The deal is the biggest in the Addicks' history and is worth at least £6.6m, which could increase thanks to a progressive bonus structure based upon club success. There is also an option to extend the contract to 2013. For the past two years they have been major partners to their local club, Valencia FC. The Addicks have, of course, been building up links in Spain where they have been running a training academy. Many Brits buy homes in Spain as a second home or to emigrate permanently. The firm is also shortly going to open an office in Maidstone so perhaps they hope to get a slice of the Thames Gateway action.

This looks like a good deal to me and brings to an end the unfortunate all:sports episode. It might even be possible to make up a song based on 'Llanera'. Shirts with the new name on will not become available until a new kit is launched in the summer of 2006. Meanwhile, all:sports branded shirts have been withdrawn from sale, so perhaps shirts without a sponsor will become available and could be a popular item.


Blogger Jonathan Blake said...

[from Madrid's only Charlton fan, as far as I know]

Wyn, point of information: 'llanera' is a very rare word, but is not a noun at all. It is an adjective meaning 'of, or derived from, the plains'. As employed in the name of the new sponsors, it has a feminine ending, so if it were a noun it would mean 'plainswoman', anyway.

Still enjoying your blog.


Jon B.

11:22 AM  

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