Friday, December 02, 2005

Holland and JJ to stay

Alan Curbishley has turned down Ipswich Town's request to sign Matt Holland and Jonatan Johansson on loan in next month's transfer window. Ipswich have stated that no one is available on loan from Charlton.

Matt Holland was unimpressive in its 90 minute outing at Villa and many of the Addickted would prefer Hughes on the bench to Holland, although Hughes hardly got near the ball when he came on as a substitute on Wednesday.

JJ is one of those players who had a good first season with Charlton, but has frustrated fans every since. He had a few decent touches on Wednesday, but was not a major contributor, although the formation played may not have helped him.

Many of the Addickted feel that the current squad is too large in size and too short in quality. There is something to be said for Mourinho's argument that a squad of twenty-four should be big enough for a Premiership side.


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