Monday, July 09, 2007

Deano mystery

Always on the trail of a mystery, Inspector Sands has revealed that Deano was attacked and knocked out with a bottle by a so-called Wolves supporter at a pub in Warwick.

What Inspector Sands does not explain is why Deano was drinking at Hobson's Choice on Spinney Hill, not the most salubrious location in Warwick. Why was he not round the corner from where his dad lives at the Simple Simon? I know that he has drank there in the past, as I live not so far away.


Blogger Otherwarwickaddick said...

It is basically true. Hobson's Choice is (or possibly now was) Deano's brother in law's local. Deano was in there playing pool with his stepson (who plays for the Gills)and brother in law. We may see more of him round here now that he has a place in Barnt Green. handy for West Brom. I shouldn't be looking out for him in Hobson's Choice though.

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