Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slow news day: say it with flowers

I know it's a slow news day when I am invited on to Sky as I was yesterday to talk about the new Wembley. There was almost a somnolent air in the sometimes frenetic Millbank studio.

And today is one of those rare days when there is no football to go to. Leamington are not playing which is just as well given their recent form. Higher level clubs are starting to come in for some of the players with Tom Bates on trial at Rochdale and playing for their reserves. In any case, I have to go to Milan tomorrow (to visit an Italian hospital, which should be interesting) so it's a day for catching up with chores.

One snippet from 4-4-2's latest issue. Chris Powell deservedly got a warm reception from the Addickted up at Watford. But it turns out he's a bit of a florist.

Asked for his favourite flower, he said, 'Caila lillies. They're not your usual lillies. Very pretty. You see, I know my flowers.'

Talking of which reminds me of mother's day which clashes with the Barcodes game. Check out this great offer from Pompey: Just for Mum

After writing this, I had a look at the blog being written by Glynne Jones and he had also written on the quiet week theme. Glynne is one of the team reviving the Charlton Plus internet radio programme and they will be doing another test broadcast around 8 p.m. on Sunday. See Glynne

Which is enough stream of consciousness for now.


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