Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fulham preview

Ivy, named as tonight's match analyst

Tonight is a 'must win' game if the Addicks are to have any chance of Premiership survival. Although some poor signings were made in the summer, players have been performing below their own individual level and the team as a whole have failed to play well as a collective unit. Hopefully, Pards can restore some self belief and collective passion.

Having missed a few games, it's difficult to make recommendations on who should play. However, being a sceptic about youngsters, I would drop Sankofa and play Kish at right back.

To mark the new era at The Valley, Belgian Shepherd Ivy has been named as tonight's match analyst, the first girl dog reporter to fulfill the role. Hooch the Pooch commented, 'She is still very young and excitable and inclined to bark a lot, but she is showing great promise and passed the test on the offside rule with flying colours.' On Christmas Day she met match analyst Monty Martin whom she joined for a training walk and also now Didcot Town analyst Homer the Cherry Hound with whom she had a vigorous exchange of views.

While I would like to forecast a win for tonight.and I think that 2-1 is possible, I am going for a 1-1 draw. We mustn't expect miracles from Pards.

For an assessment by The Times go to: Times


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Bracken points out that despite only having done one report and being a trainee reporter at the time, she is very hurt that her gender should have been called into question. She says she has had a rough time lately and could do without such slurs on her femininity.

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