Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vince gives it large

When I saw a feature on the 'also rans' in Four Four Two I thought it would be about the likes of Swindon and Wrexham. In fact it was about Newcastle United (excessive expectations never met), Aston Villa (club with great potential wrecked by Doug Ellis), Fulham (Harrods works teams with aspirations beyond their level) and Charlton.

Representing the Addicks in the discussion was Vince Nieszwiec, a former candidate for supporters' director and described as a 'builder/entrepreneur' which makes him sound like one of the 'I don't like the look of that guv' or 'Which cowboy did that?' brigade. Vince is the only one of the four to appear in shorts, the effect somewhat spoilt by a couple of nasty gashes on his leg.

But to be fair, I thought his answers were pretty sensible. I also liked the way he kept giving it large to Simon Jordan at every opportunity. Oddly, given tonight's matches, he says he goes to Valencia quite a bit and doesn't find the atmosphere and style of play as exciting as in England. Perhaps he got an apartment off Llanera.

What comes across is the respect the other fans have for the set up at Charlton. The Villa fans says, 'I look at Charlton and they have the right people in the management positions and that's what we need to progress.' The Fulham fan said, 'I'd be happy if we were in Charlton's position in five years' time with a nice ground, 20,000 [?] season tickets, and a family club with a good fan base.' The Newcastle fan says, 'I look at Charlton and then Freddie Shepherd and I pray for more stable running of our club.'

But, as Vince says, 'Our fans tend to be pessimistic.'


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